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What is this game?

Project Nautilus is a first-person underwater exploration game where you, a menial drone operator, navigate through the depths as directed by your employer, the shady mega-corporation, Isthmus Corp. 

As Isthmus Corporation lays claim to a previously undiscovered cave system deep below the surface, you are assigned to survey the hidden caverns and uncover their secrets. You are entrusted to expand the company’s wireless network with the placing of signal beacons as you explore. Your “trusty” managerial AI, PASSION, guides you to use your drone harpoon and drill to break open pieces of the environment and propel yourself further down into the depths below. 

As you explore the rich, biodiverse cave network you begin to discover remnants of a lost civilization and cultural artifacts including sculptures, etchings, and even old architecture. However, you must remember your one goal from Isthmus Corp., reach the bottom of this cave system and see what lies below. 

Project Nautilus is aimed at those who enjoy immersive experiences with a darker theme. Isthmus Studios is set to release Project Nautilus on Steam early May 2022!

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Who created this game?

Project Nautilus is created by Isthmus Studios a student group at Champlain College located in Burlington, VT.    

Isthmus Studios 

Donovan Garcia-Buckler- Producer/ Publishing Lead

Alex Barnett- Producer / Marketing Lead

Nicholas Adams- Product Owner/ Creative Director 

Wesley Elmer- Design Director/ Systems Designer

Daniel Waleik- Encounter Designer 

Crystal Wong- Art Director/ Character Artist

Matthew Conrad- Art Pipeline Manager/ Environment Artist

Blade Osborn- Animator

Emma Shea- Prop Artist

Amber Williamson- Environment Artist 

Nicholas Perrell- Technical Director/ AI Programmer

Brandon Boras- Gameplay Programmer/ Version Control Lead

Egor Fesenko- Systems Programmer

Brandon L'Abbe- Tools Programmer

Spencer Bohl- Gameplay Programmer

Sean Uzar- QA Manager

Eric Harvey- Lead Narrative Writer

Josh Berkowsky- Narrative Writer

Aaron Pastor- Narrative Designer/ Narrative Writer

Hannah Paquette- Copy Editor

Alyssa Fabian- Sound Designer

Austin Burkett- Sound Designer

Brandon Skylar- Voice Actor 


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